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Regular readers of my blog and followers on Twitter know that I am a huge fan of The Vampire Diaries, the hit CW Network supernatural drama. I have written the occasional commentary on the show and last year I wrote an article entitled Is The Vampire Diaries Losing Its Bite? for my friends at TVAfterDark.

My latest Vampire Diaries  article is a review of Season 4 posted here on the TVAfterDark website. If you are into The Vampire Diaries click here to read the article. If you are not, please forward the link to someone who is and be sure to “like” the post.


Vampire Diaries Season 4 – Mid Season Review

Review: Vampire Diaries Episode 320 (Do Not Go Gentle) – The Original Bitch is Back

Romance, intrigue, witchy juju and of course murder. Just another typical decade dance at Mystic Falls High.  In The Vampire Diaries Episode 320 (Do Not Go Gentle), the Scooby Gang gathered at the decade dance to  what they do best  – screw things up. With just two more episodes to go I would love to be able to say how much I loved this episode and how anxious I am for The Big Reveal in the Season Finale – but I can’t. Some confusing magic went down and Alaric died – kind of – but seriously? I’m not feeling this plot line. Here’s why:

You Wear It Well

Esther showed up in a Beks suit and managed to fool Klaus; enabling her to continue her dastardly plotting with Evilaric.

Once again Damon proved that he is indeed the smartest person in Mystic Falls (not difficult when you think about it) by realising all was not well with Alaric. Nor sure why he chose to share this info with Dr Cray Cray; after all she’s been so useful in the past – but let’s move on. Meanwhile after some badgering from Caroline, Elena gave Stefan what he’s been hankering after – an opportunity to spend time with the Magic Vajayjay.

After relieving Ric of his ring, Esther did some sleight of hand and created a reusable Original Killing Stake. Did anyone else think it looked like a very pointy dildo? Especially with the veins and all? Just me? Okaaaaaay then.

Let’s Do the Charleston

The population of Mystic Falls High turned out in their numbers for the 20s’ Decade Dance. They have no classes – or teachers – so they might as well go to social events. I felt for poor Rebekah. Can’t the writers cut her some slack and let her attend at least one school dance? Sheesh.

I cannot see the chemistry between them, but Bonnie and Jamie were getting along just fine. Maybe it’s because I’m just waiting for Jamie’s neck to snap or him to become vampire kibble.

Even an awkward interruption from Jeremy failed to dampen their fun.

The dance floor was chock-a-block with triangular action. If you were team Forewood, Klaroline or Stelena, this was the episode for you. Caroline gave Matt some good advice he’d do well to heed.

Tyler arrived to sweep Caroline off her feet. Sired or not, jealously is a powerful emotion.

For Stefan and Elena it was just like old times until Damon interrupted them with the unwelcome news that Ric was off the rails and Something Must Be Done.

They barely had time to absorb this disturbing news before Mama O turned up to throw a spanner, or as it turned out half a ton of salt, in the works. It is indeed curious that no one saw Esther backing up with the salt spreader and driving around the building. Even more curious that with so many humans walking in and out of the building no-one disturbed the ring of salt. In any case Esther wasted no time in grabbing Elena and hightailing it back to the Salvatore crypt.

This unexpected turn of events created a host of problems for our gang, especially Bonnie, who was getting hot and heavy with Jamie when Damon cockblocked that action.

Tales From the Crypt

Once again Elena came face to face with Evilaric as Esther explained her dastardly plan to rid the earth of all vampires by turning Alaric into the Ultimate Original Vampire. Despite my reservations about the plot, Matt Davis has truly shone in the role of Alaric this season. He conveys so much menace and evil in his facial expressions it is truly outstanding.

I would love to know what the writers were smoking the day they came up with this plotline. Alaric as an Original Vampire? I sat through nineteen episodes of varying quality for Evilaric to wind up as the New Big Bad?  You gotta be kidding me. This is so inconsistent with the mythology. Aren’t vampires supposed to grow stronger as they get older? Yet  Alaric will somehow be more powerful than Klaus? And how come Evilaric, who last week had a very well developed sense of self preservation, is OK with being used as a death pawn by Mommy Dearest? It makes no sense. As Esther described Evilaric’s new powers – faster, stronger – I half expected him to morph into Steve Austin (Cue Six Million Dollar Man theme music).

May I Have This Dance?

At the decade dance a bad evening got progressively worse. Klaus turned up to woo Caroline and was none too pleased to see her dancing with Tyler.

Caroline reluctantly accepted an invitation to dance from the Alpha Hybrid. He wasted no time in reminding her that when he doesn’t get what he wants, people get hurt.

Stefan gleefully informed Klaus that mom was back in town while Bonnie half-heartedly set to work on breaking the perimeter spell and locating Elena. Bonnie and Elena’s hypocrisy is really annoying me. Bonnie (understandably) resents Damon for killing her mother, claiming he should have made another choice. Yet Bonnie and Abby chose to help Esther. They could have refused.

It turned out finding Elena wasn’t that difficult once Bonnie suggested to Klaus Esther might be at a hot spot. I guess it’s hard to keep free Wi-Fi a secret. Jeremy and Matt sped off to find Elena and nearly ended up shooting each other in the chest thanks to Esther’s magic. SMH – you’ve got to love Esther’s twisted plans.

Esther forced Elena to give it up (her blood, that is) so that she could turn Ric into the ultimate killing machine. Somehow Good Ric reappeared and knifed Esther in the back, saving the day but too late to save himself.

Esther’s death freed the vampires, who sped off to the Salvatore crypt, but not before there was a lovely Klefan scene in which Klaus made one last desperate attempt to win Stefan back. Damon was quick to flex his familial ties and reminded Klaus that Stefan already had a brother thank you very much, and didn’t need another. I’m betting at this stage poor Klaus needed a hug.

All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye

Alaric’s decision to forego the transition was simultaneously brave and heart-breaking. The next couple of scenes were beautifully done and eloquently captured the grief and tragic loss his death represented; especially to Elena, Jeremy and Damon.

Matt and Jeremy marked his passing in a way Ric would have approved of.

How much more sorrow can Jeremy bear before he turns to drugs again, or worse?

As always Elena made it about her, sobbing tearfully to Stefan that she and Jeremy didn’t have anyone to take care of them anymore. Not that Ric took care of anything except his frequent hangovers.

Does Elena realise how lucky she is to have Saint Stefan back? Ever the supportive, caring (boring) hero that he is, he gently comforted Elena and reminded her that no matter what she loses, she will always have him. This echoed the sentiment Elena herself expressed to Matt in Episode 316 (1912) when she confessed that Stefan’s immortality was what attracted her to him.

The worst part for me was witnessing the end of TVD’s greatest bromance – Dalaric. Forget that Alaric was Jeremy and Elena’s guardian. He was Damon’s best and only friend. I cannot imagine TVD without the banter between these characters. Damon and Alaric met at the first decade dance in season 1. It was only fitting that they should say goodbye during another.

The show-runners could have ended Alaric’s journey there, but oh no. TVD had to go one step further. This is when I realised the writers are on crack. Dead should mean dead guys. That’s what gives the show depth and gravitas. We had a fake out at last season’s decade dance. Surely this time we’d earned the right to mourn a beloved character. What is the point of turning Alaric into an Original?

It Ain’t Over Yet

Even in death Esther continued to cause all sorts of problems.

Did she appear in Bonnie’s dream? I couldn’t work out if Esther had possessed Bonnie or was manipulating her mind. I was still recovering from the hilarity of Bonnie finally acquiring an address, with her father conveniently “out of town”. How droll. Whatever the cause, Bonnie wasted no time in heading for the Salvatore crypt to give a bereaved Damon a severe headache.

Hello Evilaric the Original.

When Julie Plec announced Season 3 was going to be the season of the Originals I whooped for joy. In retrospect I see how taking the series in that direction may have been a mistake.  While it gave the delectable Elijah and the delicious Klaus more screen time, I think the writers struggled to come up with storylines for all the new characters. It was just too much. Consequently this season has meandered all over our screen; sometimes bringing that WOW! factor we expect from TVD but more often than not, leaving the sour taste of disappointment when the magical TVD hour has passed.

Clearly Klaus will be sticking around for season 4 – there would be a fan revolt if the writers killed him off – and possibly Rebekah too.  I honestly don’t know what they are going to do with Evilaric. Just bring back Elijah, already!

But what do you think? Is Evilaric a good villain? Will Alaric defeat Klaus? What did you think of Elena’s hair?

Tell me your thoughts! Sound off in the comments below.

Is it Friday Yet?

Cirque de Westcott has been busy. The Other Half returned unscathed from his annual Boys’ Skiing weekend, Boy Wonder lost his credit card again, Mini Me got her provisional driving license (Lord help us), and Hobson and I continue to muddle along as best we can.

In lieu of a blog post this week I’ve written a Vampire Diaries article for TV After Dark Online. Fans of TVD check it out

and let me know what you think!

It’s A Family Affair

Cue Sly and the Family Stone.

This post is neither a recap nor a review of The Vampire Diaries Episode 313 Bringing Out The Dead. Rather it is a commentary on questions raised during the episode and my thoughts on them.

Bringing Out The Dead was a treat for TVD fans on many levels. Visually it was a  hunkfest with the slickest dinner party guests ever.

Originals and Salvatores – Oh My!

We learnt  more about the origins of the Originals, and were introduced to two new OVs. Caroline broke our hearts (again) and the mystery of who’s attacking the Council members deepened. It turns out Elena’s prints were on the murder weapon used to attack Bill Forbes.

How does the Mystic Falls PD even HAVE her fingerprints?? And Meredith conveniently had an alibi for the attack on Alaric.

Something doesn’t add up here. Meredith claims she discharged Daddy Forbes to shut him up, but Bill told Caroline someone jumped him when he was trying to sneak out of the hospital. Either Meredith is lying or….well I don’t know or what. I just don’t trust her. And did anyone else notice the look Matt gave Elena when they walked into her kitchen? (Seriously, haven’t these kids seen Scream?)

This is Mystic Falls and as far as I’m concerned, everyone is a suspect. Could the evil Katherine be involved somehow?

The dinner party illustrated yet more parallels between the Original and Salvatore Brothers. Klaus’s commentary on Elena’s future with the Salvatores was cruelly accurate and struck a chord with Damon at least.

Damon  began to realise that maybe –  just maybe – neither he nor Stefan  is the best man for Elena. Later on in the episode Stefan admitted he still loves Elena (shocked!), displaying another crack in his douchebag persona.

Klaus was the perfect host though, and entertained his guests with  delectable  fare of the culinary and human variety before indulging in a little after dinner drink.

Klaus’s reaction to Kol’s undaggering was interesting:

Why was Klaus so afraid of Kol? He seemed just as thrilled to see Finn:

But it was the arrival of  Mama Esther which struck  real terror into Klaus’s unbeating heart:

For the first time we saw a truly terrified – and cowering – Klaus, convinced he had literally met his maker.

Just what is Original Mama up to? Team Elijah appeared delighted to see her (not). What does she possess or know that can kill Klaus; and more importantly – who else knows about this? Katherine goaded Stefan into stealing the coffins for a reason. Our Kathy only acts out of self interest – what does she know about Mama O?

I’m still trying to figure out exactly what Mama O is. We know she isn’t a vampire, but is she a manifested ghost a la Anna and Vicki? Could her ultimate goal be to un-vamp the Originals with Rebekkah’s help (two generations, blood knot – natch). Yes I know Evil Blood Slut isn’t a witch, but even Klaus noted she has supernatural gifts beyond vampirism.

We are meant to believe that Esther emerged from her casket, KO’d the Bennet babes and legged it ASAP to the Klaus Haus.

Story lines are rarely that simple on TVD. I can’t help thinking something or someone else was in that coffin. I’m probably completely wrong but … it’s fun to speculate.

So many questions! I need answers! But enough from me. What do you think? Agree/disagree? Sound off in the comments below.

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