Is Everybody’s Family Crazy Or Is It Just Mine?

My children will disown me, but the time has come to share the exploits of Cirque de Westcott with the world. My friends on Facebook already know my family leads a rather….unconventional…lifestyle. But it’s normal to us and fueled by  love, hard work, and an underlying belief – do good always. Karma is a bitch and she WILL get you.

I can’t promise to blog weekly, but I will write semi-regularly. And it will be good. In addition to the crazy goings on in my family, expect rants on topics I’m passionate about:  The Vampire Diaries (well, DUH), social consciousness, politics, sports, books and music. Incidentally, I dreamt Jay-Z and my husband were golf buddies last night. But I digress. Enjoy the blog and please tell me what you think.


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Fulltime CEO, OD Consultant, Yummy Mummy,TVD fanatic, Potterite, Chelsea FC supporter and Superwoman. Lover of sports, music, books and fine wines View all posts by trinijax

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